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TO:SS Tristain On: Sports Show

Nov 10, 2021

For the 100th time, it's on! TO:SS is celebrating 100 episodes! How? With bringing fresh heat, straight from the kitchen!

This week: The Packers lost 13-7 to Kansas City, but Jordan Love is NOT to blame.

The Bucks are still struggling to win games in this young season, but Tristain isn't panicking.

The TO:SS Sweep has...

Nov 3, 2021

Once again it's on! TO:SS is back with that heat!

This week: The Green Bay Packers won a thriller in Arizona last week. How'd they do it and what does it mean moving forward?

The Milwaukee Bucks have had to endure choppy waters due to injury. Tristain checks in on them and encourages folks to chill.

The TO:SS Sweep has...