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TO:SS Tristain On: Sports Show

Feb 27, 2016

A special Quick TO:SS Edition is on deck this week. Tristain saw and heard some good and some absolute bulls*** with a couple of Wisconsin's teams this week. Who were they, what happened, and get ready for the truthful, opinionated, and passionate storm to follow. It may not be Wednesday, but it is time to play some TO:SS!

Feb 17, 2016

The State of the State of Wisconsin sports teams is the focus of this week's TO:SS. The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching. What does Tristain see the Milwaukee Bucks doing and is it wise? The Milwaukee Brewers have made their ninth trade this offseason. Does Tristain see a clear direction for this ball club? The...

Feb 10, 2016

Fresh from the kitchen comes some more heat known as TO:SS! This week: The Milwaukee Bucks have decided to dismantle their roster. Tristain goes IN about it! The Green Bay Packers will have another member in the Hall of Fame, and Super Bowl 50 has come and gone. Tristain discusses what he's happy about, and disgusted...

Feb 3, 2016

TO:SS is back with a fresh episode straight from the kitchen! This week: "Weightgate" is a thing,the Milwaukee Bucks continue their inconsistencies, what are the Brewers trying to build on field, Super Bowl 50 is fast approaching and Tristain goes after his dreams while encouraging you to do the same. If it's...