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TO:SS Tristain On: Sports Show

Feb 3, 2024

Once again it's on! After a battle with technical difficulties forced us into a hiatus, TO:SS is back with fresh heat! 

It's been a wild time in Bucks lore, so you know T-Squared had to dig into it. Adrian Griffin hired and fired, Doc Rivers courted, consulted, courted again and hired, lack of effort, lack of respect,...

Sep 30, 2023

Once again it's on! That fresh heat known as TO:SS is new!

We keep it all in the state on this week's TO:SS.

The Milwaukee Bucks make a blockbuster trade for Damian Lillard. Fallout and emotions ensue. Tristain gives his thoughts.

The Milwaukee Brewers are division champs, but the offense still isn't moving

Sep 20, 2023

Once again it's on! Straight from the kitchen comes that fresh heat, known as TO:SS.

This week: The Green Bay Packers have T-Squared all riled up after their 25-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. So much so, the entire State of the State segment is focused on them. 

The TO:SS Sweep sees Tristain talk: Nick Chubb's injury,...

Sep 13, 2023

Once again it's on! Eight years of that fresh heat known as TO:SS, and we ain't stopping now!

This week: The Green Bay Packers opened up their season in Chicago. T-Squared explains why he felt it was a tale of 2 halves.

The Milwaukee Brewers are still hanging on to first-place, but Tristain sees the same issues.


Sep 5, 2023

Once again it's on! That fresh heat known as TO:SS, is all new.

This week we stay in the state of Wisconsin, with an all State of the State episode.

The Green Bay Packers are ready to begin the Jordan Love era, despite many critics' low expectations of them. Why does Tristain differ from those critics?...