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TO:SS Tristain On: Sports Show

Sep 15, 2021

It's the sixth anniversary of TO:SS and we're bringing you that fresh heat, straight from the kitchen!

This week: The Green Bay Packers played an uninspiring game last Sunday. Tristain has words about it.

The Milwaukee Brewers flexed their dominance in a combined no-hitter, last Saturday. So why are some Brewers...

Sep 2, 2021

Once again it's on! TO:SS is back with fresh heat!

This week: Roster cut-downs and practice squad formations. The end of preseason has arrived for the Packers. We'll discuss.

The TO:SS Sweep has Tristain weighing in on the Cam Newton cut, Mike James' thoughts on Kyrie Irving, and the Bishop Sycamore rouse.

It's time to...

Aug 19, 2021

Once again it's on! TO:SS is back with that fresh heat, straight out the kitchen!

This week: The Milwaukee Bucks now know who, where, and when they'll begin their '21-'22 NBA season with, as well as Christmas Day.

The Brewers keep winning and pitching is the reason. Can the offense do a bit more?

The Packers finally get...

Aug 5, 2021

Once again it's on! TO:SS is back with that fresh heat!

This week: Folks are still basking in the glow of a Bucks NBA Championship, but there is a reality to come down to.

The Brewers are still in a groove, despite some major issues.

The Green Bay Packers "saga" was addressed by Aaron Rodgers, with brutal honesty.


Jul 22, 2021

Once again it's on! TO:SS is all-new and in Championship form!

The Milwaukee Bucks are NBA World Champions! Tristain gives his thoughts on the Bucks' journey and reaching the pinnacle.

It's time to play some